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Traffic Driving Campaign

Designed To Drive More Customers To Your Store!

Our beautiful full color ads are designed by our professional graphic design team and the copy is written by creative directors with years of advertising you ad WILL get noticed! What's more ad development is FREE to all advertisers.

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With Think Local your business receives exposure throughout an entire month. Think Local has a long shelf life and is mailed out to over 45,000 households each month.

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Why Think Local?


FREE to our advertisers, the editorials in Think Local engage readers and give them a sense of community. The content helps communities get back to basics, promotes shopping local and endears the reader to the business owner.

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* With exception to restaurants.

Specially designed spreads give our advertisers added exposure and help to create a fun and engaging publication for consumers. What’s more...they are FREE to Think Local advertisers! 

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Think Local is chock full of local coupons...exactly what consumers love! We encourage all business owner to incorporate coupons in their ads and we offer creative suggestions for enticing offers.

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Think Local's Traffic Driving Campaign ensures revenue will be generated for Think Local advertisers. Think Local gives away fifteen (15) $10 gift certificates each month to fifteen (15) community members**. Gift certificates can only be used with Think Local advertisers. Learn more >>>

** Selection of winners are made at random. If less than 15 people enter the contest on any given month, then only that number of winners will be selected for that month.



  • Advertisements that get noticed
  • FREE editorials that promote local business
  • Local high visibility
  • Consistent monthly exposure
  • FREE professional design & copy writing
  • FREE content for added exposure
  • Think Local give back campaign
  • Mailed to over 45,000 Households, learn more >