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With Think Local your business receives exposure throughout an entire month. Think Local has a long ‘keep life’ when compared to other direct mail pieces. Your customers will look forward to receiving Think Local each month and will keep it as a resource until their next issue.

Think Local is beautifully designed, printed full color & on high quality gloss paper stock. The unique format of the Think Local magazine gets noticed, and your products and services will be placed directly in the hands of over 45,000 households. Learn where >>>

Unique Features

Advertisements That Noticed...

Highlighting Local Businesses & Promoting Buying Local!

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Consistent Monthly Exposure

Unique Editorials!

** Selection of winners are made at random. If less than 15 people enter the contest on any given month, then only that number of winners will be selected for that month.

Local High Visibility

Coupons That Get Results!

* With exception to restaurants.

Think Local’s Traffic Driving Campaign ensures revenue will be generated for Think Local advertisers. Think Local will give away fifteen (15) $10.00 gift certificates each month to fifteen (15) members of the community**. Gift certificates can only be used with Think Local advertisers. Learn more.

Think Local drives more customers to your store with beautiful advertisements, engaging editorials and sought after coupons. These unique features, and more,  make Think Local the first choice of business owners and the premier local consumer magazine.

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Think Local Traffic Driving Campaign

Our beautiful full color ads are designed by professional graphic

  designers and the copy is written by creative directors with years of

  advertising your ad WILL get noticed!
We encourage business owners to incorporate coupons in their ads

  and we offer creative suggestions for enticing offers. Learn more.

The editorials in Think Local engage readers and give them a sense of community. The content helps communities get back to basics and promotes shopping local. Editorial features include:
• Talking Local: Articles featuring local businesses and      

   highlights all that they offer the community
• Local Ed: Educational articles written by experts within our  

• Hidden Local Gem: Articles written about businesses off the  

   beaten trail
• Why Local: Articles about the benefits of buying local.  

  Customers learn that when they buy from local

  businesses they are helping families, just like theirs to prosper;

  and they learn that purchasing locally nurtures the health of

  their community.
• Local Events: When ever possible, Think Local publishes a  

  calendar of local town events which includes special events

  offered and sponsored by our advertisers

• Local Kitchen: Recipes sent to us by our advertisers for you to enjoy

Learn more about our editorials.