ZONE 2 - 22,000 Households

• Lunenburg, MA

• Lancaster, MA

• Leominster, MA

ZONE 1 - 21,082 Households

• Pepperell, MA
• Groton, MA
• Townsend, MA
• Dunstable, MA

• Ayer, MA
• Devens, MA
• Shirley, MA
• Harvard, MA

According to retail statistics, the cost of obtaining one new customer is between $150-$200, but not with Think Local. The cost to obtain one customer with Think Local is much less! Think Local is delivered to over 43,000 households in two zones:

Reach & ROI

Think Local has different size packages for every budget.

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The cost to deliver your 1/8 page ad is ABOUT 1 PENNY per household. If your average customer bill is $15, and if you purchase a 1/8 page ad in Think Local for $250, and only 1% of those 23,000 households patronize your business that month, you will be making $3,502 on your first ad.


Mailed to Over 43,000 Households!!!

Think Local has two zones and mailed to over over 43,000 households in Pepperell, Groton, Townsend, Dunstable, Ayer/Devens, Shirley, Harvard, Leominster, Lunenberg and Lancaster. The cost to deliver an 1/8 page ad is ABOUT 1 PENNY per household. Contact us for pricing.

Your Ad can be Mailed to Over 43,000 Households

with a potential ROI of over 14 times your advertising investment!